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Pricing & Information

Family Portrait Sessions

Starting at


  • Up to 6 family members (7+ family is an additional $50)
  • 30+ high quality professionally edited digital photos in high resolution with digital and printing rights
  • Online gallery where you can view, download, order prints
  • Assistance with choosing wardrobe, styling and location
A portrait of a girl with her dog


What if my kiddos are crazy?

Having a young one myself, I can attest to how rambunctious kids can be. However, I strongly encourage you to let them be themselves, and hold back on scolding them or telling them no during the photoshoot. Often times their energy can yield to amazing results, as long as you go with the flow and let them direct the experience.

When will I get my photos?

Depending on my workload, you can expect to receive your photos for review within three weeks. I will post them to a private online gallery where you can select which photos you’d like to order, and your final fully edited selection will be available within a week from when you make your selection. Once you have made the selection and the images are fully edited, you can download them, order prints, or purchase more photos for your enjoyment.

What should I wear?

Most important, I want your family to feel comfortable. I will work with you to create a style guide for the photoshoot based off your family and their characteristics.

Should I get my hair and makeup done?

While that is not a requirement, it is absolutely fine if you decide to get your hair and makeup professionally done.

Sunrise or sunset is not possible for my family, can we do another time?

While it’s true that sunrise or sunset produce some of the most amazing photos, I will work with you if you need to schedule the shoot at a different time.

I have some ideas I’d like to do for the shoot, is that ok?

I love when families have ideas about what they’d like to achieve during a shoot. Feel free to bounce them off me and we can discuss if they will be possible or not.

Is it safe to get family portraits with COVID-19?

I take the safety of myself and those around me very seriously. If it’s comfortable for you, I can wear a mask the entire shoot. I can also maintain a safe distance of at least 6 feet during the photoshoot. Essentially all of our communication leading up to is done from a distance, and on the day of the shoot we can practice safe CDC guidelines while having a fun, and great family session.


at what your photoshoot could be like

“I loved my experience with Patrick Wayne Photography! He was easy to work with and was able to perfectly capture the aesthetic and quality of photos I was hoping for. I will definitely be using him again in the future!”


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