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This caring father really scored big points by initiating family Christmas pictures. Seriously guys, if you want to impress your wife, schedule family Christmas pictures without her asking. She will be thrilled!

This Christmas, Kevin wanted to get some beautiful family photos done so he could send out Christmas cards to his family and friends. Kevin rented out the Country Cove Christmas Tree Farm, in Murfreesboro, TN. Not only can you cut your own Christmas tree in the winter, but you can also take amazing family photos in the off season!

I had a blast going around the property with this family. They were super fun and laid back. They enjoyed each station and had a great time laughing, and being in each others company. Christmas is such a magical time, and I love each year as fall arrives, because you know Christmas is just around the corner!

I loved the different hues of greens and reds throughout the shoot. It really brought out the Christmas spirit in the pictures. It also helped that the family was impeccably dressed for the occasion. What’s that? I think I hear sleigh bells in the distance!

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